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Hi love,
I'm Katharina Sutra

a passionate MoonTrYbe Creator & Leader

I've been a dedicated follower of my spiritual path for more than 17 years now, always following my line of research, of knowledge, of wisdom, -

never feeling the need to explain myself - 

but always feeling the need to find and embody My Truth:

To find the Happiness withIn.

It's a long and never-ending journey of healing, shedding and un-learning - 

A journey deep and deeper withIn my very Being.

I am here to serve You, to inspire You with my experiences, failures and successes, 

I am here to share tools what have worked for me,

to guide you if you need direction,

to support you if you need a friend and a sister in Divine.


I will safely bring you through the Journey energy curve with the help of all the tools gained over the years of committed practice:

  • RYT 300h Kindalini Yoga&Meditation teacher

  • RYT 200h Vinyasa&Hatha Yoga teacher

  • RYT 100h Yin Yoga teacher

  • Somatic Trauma Release through Bodywork Practitioner

  • MBA (in Strategic Management).


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