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Grainy Surface

About our Method and the Journey

Dark Feminine Awakening

Our Goal is to:

  • Awaken your Kundalini Life Force as the source of Inner Empowerment 

  • Reset your nervous system to release stress, to soften and ground in your Feminine Energy

  • Liberate your True Voice

  • Open and balance out the Energy Flow through Polarities of Feminine and Masculine

  • Practice to enrich your Spirituality and your Dark and Divine Archetypes

What's inside of the Journey

Each Journey combines several elements from the following pool of Practices:

•    physical & emotional embodiment: yin yoga, kundalini kriya yoga, ecstatic dancing, shakti dance, sensual dancing;

•    mental activation: shadow work, emotional writing, different types of meditation (guided, with chanting, candle-gazing, theta healing);

•    sensual bodywork and breathwork for stress&trauma release;

•   shared knowledge and spiritual insights for your daily life;

•   grounding tea ceremony & joy of slowing down;

•  sinking into the heart space with vibrant music and sharing circle

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