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Sensual Resilience to Stress:

Mastering Anxiety in Life Transitions

Practical tools to overcome stress, overwhelm and burnt-out during major life transitions - become a Woman who thrives and not just survives 

Launch date: 10th of March, 2024

3 live group sessions online + recordings

Hey Gorgeous,

Are you in the midst of a life transition (break-up, divorce, career shift, relocation, etc.), feeling the ground shift beneath your feet?

Do you crave a renewed sense of sensuality and empowerment?

Imagine navigating changes in life with confidence, embracing your sensuality as a source of resilience.

Welcome to "Sensual Resilience," your ultimate guide through stress in life transitions.

Inside this transformative course, you'll discover:

  • 🌺 Sensual Fitness: Mind-Body connection boosted to charge you with energy during the tough times

  • 🌟 Sensual Self-Care: promote your overall wellbeing with sensory experiences

  • 🌸 Mindful Sensuality: practices to change the mindset prioritizing self-love

Get in Touch to learn more

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This is for you if

  • You want to cultivate Self-Love and Self-Care.

  • You need more Joy in your daily life.

  • You struggle coping with Stress and Uncertainty, and it affects your overall being, including sensual exploration.

  • You lack energy, feel uninspired and burnt-out.

  • You struggle with shifting sense of identity, and it affects how you perceive and express yourself.

  • You need Time-Efficient Sensuality Strategies that easily fit into your busy life, with practical exercises designed for any schedule.

What's inside the Program

Sensual Fitness

- Breathwork tools

- Somatic Bodywork

- Yoga & Meditation

Sensual Self-Care

- Self-Care tips and practices tailored to your Ayurvedic type

- Sensory Experiences map

Mindful Sensuality

- Guided Journaling prompts

- Positive Affirmations

- Community boost


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