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Thriving Together

MoonTrYbe is here for you to re-connect with body & spirit, enhance consciousness,

feel & express Your Raw Unapologetic Wild Feminine nature

Everyone is truly welcome to join & experience our Journeys:

  • embodiment dance and movement medicine                 

  • yin & kundalini yoga practices & meditations                

  •  sensual bodywork & breathwork                                                             

Hi gorgeous,

I am Katharina Sutra

Is there something calling you to re-connect with your Divine Glow reclaiming your Sensuality & Dark Feminine energy?

Is it Your Time to live as Your deepest Truth and Desire,

Time to remove any mental & emotional barrier,

To embody Your Raw Unapologetic Power & Sensuality

feeling peace and joy thoughout your day?

I've created MoonTrYbe as a safe space where you can nurture your Wild Feminine Spirit,  

I can't wait to welcome You with open arms

So we can co-create the magic of Feminine Heart.

I love working with women as a

- Holistic coach,

- yoga, dance & breathwork teacher 

- trauma-informed somatic educator.


Welcome Your
Dark Feminine


"It is not gender that makes a woman superior but,

rather, her access to the Feminine principles of Spirituality

which makes her an essential bridge between this world and

the states of Bliss" 

(C) Haft 1992

MoonTrYbe Services

Dark Feminine Awakening Workshop

3-hour dive-in, online, date TBD


 Visionary Alignment -Holistic Coaching

Personal 1-on-1 Session, 1 hr


Raw Unapologetic Wild Woman Embodiment

Dark Feminine Archetype work:

Emotional Writing & Shadow Work

Interactive group/pair exercises

  • Deep Embodiment Practice:

Embodiment Dance

Breathwork & Sensual Bodywork

Kundalini Kriya Meditation


  • After-Glow:

 All-embracing space held with love and professional care,

Tea ceremony & Sharing circle 

Custom-tailored opportunity to explore the depth of your true needs and desires with Holistic Coaching

Creating your new reality step-by-step with loving care using a variety of tools:

  • Learning about yourself through Psychology to align actions and goals with your true needs and core values

  • Working with Body & Emotional Intelligence to achieve visible results in changing the quality of your daily realities

  • Looking into Astrology (Natal Chart reading, transit forecasts) to learn and align with your Soul's True Purpose

  • Getting into Holistic Health with better diet, upgraded daily routines, practices of mindfullnes and loving self-care

  • Feel Empowered envisioning your Full Potential and walking the path to it


As a community of women, our main goal is to hold space for beautiful souls discovering and experiences the True Form of Feminine Heart.
See for yourself what yoga, breath-work and meditation provides you with.
Feel for yourself how healing it is to connect with like-minded spirits in a sacred ceremony.
Whether you want to move your body, deepen your spiritual practice, or to be more present in here & now,

we know you’ll benefit from our Journeys.
We look forward to welcoming you into MoonTrybe.



Let MoonTrybe witness your Darkness & your Light

“These are the areas where a woman can really do justice to herself:
she can always relate to higher consciousness
and lead others to do so,
and she can help the surroundings
move towards that courage of
Infinity, glory, dignity and Divinity.”
Yogi Bhajan, 8/7/1979

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